Drop off & pick up
Posted on 09/27/2012
Drop off and Pick up

      Keeping Students Safe at Drop Off

The primary goal before school and after school is safety.  The parking lot, walk ways and driving lanes can be dangerous if drivers aren’t following the designated routes and procedures.  Please review and practice these procedures to keep all students, parents and staff safe, reduce fender benders and minimize heated discussions in the parking lot.


Front and South Parking Lots - Pull into a parking spot to unload students.  NO students should exit their car while in the middle of the parking lot or in a driving lane; this is VERY DANGEROUS for the students and causes traffic congestion for others who are mindful of the safety of others and adhering to the school rules. Students and parents should wait at the cross walk until directed to cross.  The south side of the school or driveway is a fire exit and not considered a parking location for drop off.


The End spaces of the parking aisles are for backing up only and not for parked cars or unloading students from cars. The metal poles at the end are clearly marked NO PARKING.


Reminder to all drivers:  handicap parking spots are for vehicles with appropriate stickers or plaques.


Alternate Drop Off - (recommended for grades 3 – 8) – After 7:45 students may be drop off at the bus stop on Shasta View and walk into the school.


In front of school – First car pulls all the way forward as directed by a staff member or to the North wing of the building by the wind turban at green painted curb.  Unloading occurs between first crosswalk and North Wing.  For your child’s safety, we recommend that students unload their vehicles on the curb side of the car.  Use good judgment and be courteous to others when your students are unloading the car when the slow signs are present.  Families feel frustrated while waiting for students who have delayed in loading to change their mind after the slow sign has been flashed.