Math 5:

Monday:  2-3 Reteaching and Practice
Tuesday: 2-5 Reteaching and Practice
Wednesday: We will be taking the Topic 2 exam in class. Students who received 90% or higher will not have homework and will not have to take it again on Thursday.
Wednesday: Students who scored lower than a 90% on today's test will take the Retake Topic 2 at home with their parents or adult helpers. Then they will take an additional test on Thursday for their final score.

The students were given a new packet today and I don't have a due date for that yet and do not expect the students to be working on these at home as of yet. They will be using the packets in class as work to do if they are completed with their tasks at hand.

username:  student first initial last name year graduate RSA then the letters rsa   For example: dhumphrey21rsa
Password: rsa123