Fang An

October Highlights

Dear parents, 

RSA is planning a field trip to S.F. on Saturday Feb. 24, 2018 for the Chinese New Year Parade and to visit a local Chinese Museum.  The trip is originally designed for middle school students in the Mandarin program; however, 4/5 grade students, under their parents’ supervision, are also welcomed to join us. It will be a one-day trip. RSA will cover the transportation and museum tickets and other fees.  You and your child will be responsible for your meals. Please read the detailed information below. Permission slips will be sent home later. 



August Highlights

Dear parents and students,

Welcome to 2017-2018 school year. I am Ms. An, the middle school Mandarin teacher.
This year I teach two middle school Mandarin classes. Both of them are combo classes mixed with 6th, 7th and 8th grade students. Here is the key information I shared with the parents at the back to school night meeting.

Goal of the Middle School Mandarin Program
  The goal of the middle school Mandarin program is to help student develop language skills in listening, speaking, reading and writing as well as an appreciation for Chinese culture.

 This year I developed a curriculum based on the following books.
  A. Chinese Language and Culture Course
  B. Practice Reading Chinese
  C.Tang Dynasty Poetry
  D.Meico Chinese
  -Students will read Chinese stories and ancient poetry.
  -Students will write journals and responses to the texts.
  -Students will practice oral Chinese through reciting, retelling, having  
   dialogues, and playing skits in class.

Cultural Activities
- Celebrating Chinese traditional holidays
  Moon Festival (moon cake, lantern-making, songs and music)
  Chinese New Year (calligraphy, cooking)
  Dragon Boat Festival (dragon boat race)
- Watch videos about China today

Homework and Tests
-Daily homework
-Weekly quizzes and quarterly tests
-YCT test 
  About 1/3 of our students take the YCT test in May each year. Most of the 600 YCT level 4 words will be reviewed during the school year as we study stories and poetry and other lessons. YCT model tests will be given in the spring to help students get ready for the test. 

I'm looking forward to a wonderful year with you! Thank you for encouraging your children to continue studying Chinese. If you have any concerns or questions, feel free to email me at