Rachel Dressel

Welcome RSA Kindergarten Students and Families !

I hope you had a fun and relaxing summer!  I had a wonderful China trip with RSA and it was a memorable trip.

I am looking forward to meeting all of you at the Back to School picnic on Monday, August 14th.

Please bring your child's school supplies to the picnic.  I will have a basket outside my classroom for the supplies.

It would be so helpful and make our first week run more smoothly if you could please notify us regarding your child's Lunch, and their pick-up routine. Does your child eat home lunch or school lunch? Is your child going home at dismissal, or to Sib-Wait, After School Care, or an elective, etc.).

Important Dates :

August 14 :  Back to School Picnic
August  16:   First Day of School
September 8 : All School Field Trip

Please contact me if you have any questions !

Rachel Chen Dressel


Recommended Apps, Websites, and Resources for Learning MANDARIN

  • APPS:

1. ChineseCharactersFly!             
2. ChineseWriter

3. Chinese Bookworms                   
4. Kids Learn Mandarin

5. Kids Way to Chinese                   
6. Chinese Sentence Builder