Rachel Dressel
Welcome RSA Kindergarten Students and Families !

I hope you had a wonderful winter break !  I had a wonderful Taiwan trip with my family and it was a memorable trip.

I am looking forward to this coming 2018 year !  It is going to be great year ahead of us !

I love teaching Mandarin in all subjects and I am sure we will fun year studying science , math and social study about Africa, Japan and Europe to the Renaissance.

Mandarin tutoring information : Jun Wu at 52948580@qq.com

Important Dates :

Students return to school< Monday, January 8th !

RSA "Sleeping Beauty " Field Trip , Wednesday , January 24 !

Please contact me if you have any questions !

Rachel Chen Dressel


Recommended Apps, Websites, and Resources for Learning MANDARIN

  • APPS:

1. ChineseCharactersFly!             
2. ChineseWriter

3. Chinese Bookworms                   
4. Kids Learn Mandarin

5. Kids Way to Chinese                   
6. Chinese Sentence Builder