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Redding School of the Arts Traditional Homeschool


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Thank you for asking about our homeschool program here at Redding School of the Arts. I just love our program and would love to tell you about it.


We have a structured, yet flexible, program with many options for you and your child to be as involved (or not) with the wonderful enrichment opportunities at our school.


Curriculum: We will provide a strong traditional curriculum and support for you, however, if you have something equivalent that you prefer, we'll be glad to support you in that.


Meetings: We meet together once a week at first; later on we meet every other week, to go over work completed and agree on lessons to be done by next time.


Enrichment Days: On Fridays, the primary students come in the morning, and the 4th-8th graders come in the afternoon, for a day of music, art, age-appropriate thematic learning, and social times. The older students share projects they have done, work together on robotics, programming, stop motion animation, and get to know one another. Enrichment Day is just one of the many optional ways that homeschoolers may be involved with the RSA program.


Cost: As a public charter school, there is no cost to the main program.


Stipends and Electives: 4th-8th grade students may choose optional electives 4 days/week. These change each trimester. Note: Some have materials fees and some do not.


If you'd like to apply, you can download an application at the RSA website:

 and click on parents’ pages, then find the application under resources. Please mark it HOMESCHOOL and turn it in to the office at 955 Inspiration Way (off Shasta View), Redding, CA 96003. It is helpful to attach a recent report card.


If you'd like to talk to me further, please call me at 247 6933 ext.124.

I'd be happy to meet with you and discuss your options! Have a fantastic day!


Mrs. Sheryn Hodgson

Redding School of the Arts

Homeschool Coordinator