Tom Burkett

Tuesday, March 07, 2017



Dear Parents,

The students of Mr. Burkett’s music classes are all getting so excited about their concert on Thursday, March 23rd at 6:30 P.M. in the RSA amphitheater.   They have worked really hard on the songs for our show entitled “Happy Songs” and I am sure you will be delighted with their progress.


The students are all expected to wear black with a “splash” of color.  Each class has been given a specific color for their “splash” for accessories.  For example, if your son is in the class with red as the “splash” color, he could wear black pants, a black shirt, and red suspenders or bow tie or hat band or shoelaces (or all of these).


Here are the class color selections:

Fan/Schack (A) --- blue

Fan/Schack (B) --- red

Krupit/Song (A) --- purple

Krupit/Song (B) --- green

Kang/Zanirolli (A) --- yellow

Kang/Zanirolli (B) --- orange


Please bring your child to the school by 6:10 on the concert date and drop them off at their homeroom class.  That is where you will pick them up after the show.


The show will be professionally video-taped by Luminar Media.


Thank you for helping with the costumes and for all your support!

Tom Burkett

RSA Music

Performance dates:

  1. All Burkett’s Music Classes --- 3/23/17 (6:30 P.M.)

  2. Whole Earth Festival --- 4/22/17 at City Hall

  3. Joust --- 5/17/17 (6:30 P.M.), 5/19/17 (8:10 A.M.)  (Song/Krupit classes only)

 On the first day of school this year, the staff introduced themselves to the students by performing a short skit and song entitled "Getting to Know You."   Here is the Youtube link . . .

The link below is from last year's first day of school, during which we introduced the staff to the students using cards painted by each staff member.  Collectively, they spelled out "Welcome Back."

The link below is from 2014’s first day of school, during which we introduced the staff to the students using the song "What Does the Fox Say?"   We changed the lyrics in honor of our mascot (the fox), so that the words represent the spirit of RSA, and our Character Awareness program.