Volunteer Driver Responsibilities
Posted on 06/13/2018
Volunteer Drivers

General Responsibilities of Parent/Guardian Participation in Field Trips and Excursions:

Parents/guardians are encouraged to participate in field trips and excursions to assist with supervision of students. Parents/guardians accompanying a school group shall receive clear information regarding their responsibilities, contact information and itinerary from the sponsoring teacher.

Transporting Students:  It is the responsibility of the driver to ensure you:

  • Have an administrative approved Driver’s Application on file.
  • Maintain the vehicle(s) in safe operating conditions (brakes, tires, etc.)
  • Have students in seat belts/ appropriate car seats at all times while traveling. California law requires children to be in a child safety seat and to ride in the back seat of the vehicle, unless they are age eight or older or weigh 60 pounds or more.
  • Allow only students seated in the front seat that are 12 years or older as required by RSA’s liability insurance provider.
  • Never leave students unattended in vehicle.
  • Refrain from any use of cellular devices while transporting students including hands free devices as required by RSA’s liability insurance provider.
  • Transport using the most direct, safest route to and from the event.
  • Return to the school immediately following the school field trip without additional stops that have not been included in the permission slip, i.e. fast food, gas stations, etc.
  • Notify school personnel if you no longer wish to drive or if you wish to be removed from the Approved Driver List.

Chaperone Responsibilities:

  • Chaperones will be assigned a specific group of students and shall be responsible for the continuous monitoring of those students at all times.
  • Shall not consume alcohol or use controlled substances (except for medications taken under a physician's orders) while accompanying and supervising students on a field trip or excursion.
  • Provide the teacher a cell phone number to be used during the field trip.
  • Dress and behave responsibly as a representative of RSA.
  • Immediately report to the teacher any student misbehavior, issues or accidents.
  • Adhere to teacher guidelines and/or directions provided for specific fieldtrip/excursion