RSA School Philosophy

The philosophy of the Redding School of the Arts (RSA) is as follows: the arts contain a rich body of knowledge that will aid all students in understanding the world around them and enhance their learning in all academic areas. It is the goal of the school that students be offered an art-enriched environment that encourages students to make connections and judgments that validate their learning. Students at a young age who are engaged in the arts, in song, in paints, in drama, in dance learn to express themselves in unique and diverse ways. Arts offer a different way to make meaning. It also provides an environment in which students develop and strengthen their visual memory and advance fine motor skills, eye-hand coordination and creative expression. The educational program that RSA provides its students is a hands on education, in which they can develop unique interests in the arts, uncover hidden talents, gain a sense of responsibility and pursue education as a way of life.

The school's educational approach can be viewed as a four level pyramid. At the base of this educational pyramid is academic learning that stresses the mastery of reading, writing and mathematics. These fundamental skills are needed in all subjects to ensure academic success.

As these three core subjects are reinforced through interdisciplinary instruction, students develop deeper levels of understanding and reasoning of the world around them weaving instruction through science, social science and arts which is represented by the second level of the pyramid. Interdisciplinary units that contain well planned instructional lessons in academic subjects and which include activities in the arts enable children to develop initiative, creative ability, self-expression, self-reflection, thinking skills, discipline, a heightened appreciation of beauty and cross-cultural understanding.

The third level represents the elective program. As students progress in their academic areas an elective program is offered simultaneously. The elective program consists of visual and performing art classes offered during the afternoon. Students may elect to participate in this program and select their desired classes. The classes may be either theater arts, including stage craft, dance classes (including ballet, tap, swing and folk), visual arts (including oil painting, sculpture, art appreciation and photography), music (including show choir and violin/fiddle), computer skills and physical education.

At the top of the pyramid is character development. Character building occurs through mutual respect, service or participation in the community, encouraging positive morals, positive group activities and experiencing success in the learning environment. When each level of the pyramid is strong and secure learning is maximized for each individual student.

The mission of the school is to enable students to become literate, self-motivated, and life long learners who appreciate, enjoy and respect the visual and performing arts. By creating a learning environment rich in arts and culture that encourages connections in their learning environment students will learn.