Booster Club

The Theater Booster Club (TBC) is a parent organization that seeks to support the performing arts programs within Redding School of the Arts. The performances include the annual Talent Show, the grade level music performances, the Spring Musical, Project Hollywood and many other performances that take place throughout the school year. 

2016-2017 TBC Executive Officers

  • Jennifer Bowman, President 
  • Holly Potter, Vice President
  • Janice Clarkson, Treasurer
  • Jay Meltzer, Secretary
  • Tammy Belikov, V/P Volunteer Coordinator


MEETINGS:  TBC Meetings are held during the school year on the following dates:  3/21, and 4/18 at 6:00 in the RSA community room. Executive meetings are on the following dates:   3/15, 4/12, and 5/10  at 3:15p.m.

Purchase The Music Man Video please see link below:

If you would like to help with fundraising toward the TBC Scholarship Fund, please contact Shelby price at 262-5259 or by email 

TBC Documents 

     TBC Executive Meeting Agenda March 15, 2017.pdf
     TBC General Meeting Agenda March 21, 2017.docx  
     TBC General Minutes February 21, 2017.docx  
     The Music Man video order form.pdf
     TBC Reimbursement Form.pdf  
     TBC Executive Meeting Agenda Febuary 15, 2017.docx  
     TBC Executive Meeting Agenda Feburary 21, 2017.docx     
     TBC Executive Meeting Agenda January 4, 2017.pdf  
     TBC Executive Meeting Minutes December 5.docx
TBC General Meeting Minutes March 15, 2016 (20 KB)
    TBC Sponsorship Fund (100 KB)
    TBC Sponsorship Fund Individual Application.docx