Teachers & Staff at RSA

Name Position Phone Email
Mrs. Allexy Middle School 530-247-6933 aallexy@rsarts.org
Ms. An Middle School 530-247-6933 fan@rsarts.org
Mrs. April Support Staff 247-6933 amontini@rsarts.org
Ms. Brown Middle School (530) 247-6933 ebrown@rsarts.org
Mr. Burkett Music 530-247-6933 tburkett@RSARTS.org
Ms. Cervantes Elective Teacher bcervantes@rsarts.org
Chelsea Steffensen Elective Teacher csteffensen@rsarts.org
Mrs. Chen Kindergarten 530-247-6933 rdressel@rsarts.org
Mrs. Denise Humphrey Intermediate 949-1172 dhumphrey@rsarts.org
Mr. Dressel "Teacher Mai" Primary 530-247-6933 mdressel@rsarts.org
Mrs. Dunaj Middle School 247-6933 ldunaj@rsarts.org
Mrs. Eby's RSA Strings Program Music 530-945-7080 seby@rsarts.org
Ms. Fernandez Kindergarten (530)243-7145 sfernandez@rsarts.org
Mrs. Fritchman (Ms. Debbie) Support Staff 224-9081 dfritchman@rsarts.org
Ms. Hatch-Hemeon Primary 530-247-6933 phemeon@rsarts.org
Mrs. Hess Elective Teacher 530 247-6933 dhess@rsarts.org
Mrs. Hess Elective Teacher 949-1121 dawnlhess@gmail.com
Mrs. Hodgson 243-6933 shodgson@rsarts.org
Mrs. Holstein Support Staff 247-6933 sholstein@rsarts.org
Mrs. Hunting Support Staff 530-247-6933 shunting@rsarts.org
Mrs. Julie York Support Staff (530)355-9169 jyork@rsarts.org
Mrs. Justice (Miss Jennifer) (530) 255-8614 jjustice@rsarts.org
Ms. Kang (Kang Laoshi) Mandarin 247-6933 skang@rsarts.org
Mrs. Katie Support Staff 247-6933 kvernon@rsarts.org
Mr. Kevin Riley Elective Teacher kriley@rsarts.org
Mrs. King Support Staff 247-6933 bking@rsarts.org
Mrs. Koekemoer Support Staff 530-247-6933 lkoekemoer@rsarts.org
Ms. Krupit Intermediate 530-247-6933 akrupit@rsarts.org
Mrs. Lahey Primary 243-7145 rlahey@rsarts.org
Mrs. Lindberg ("Miss Kate") Art (530) 247-6933 klindberg@rsarts.org
Mrs. Lissa Uhleman Support Staff (530) 247-6933 luhleman@rsarts.org
Mrs. Loucks Primary 530-247-6933 x253 jloucks@rsarts.org
Mrs. Newham Primary (530)243-7145 pnewham@rsarts.org
Odd Rustand Support Staff 530-347-4935 orustand@rsarts.org
Mr. Olberding Middle School 530-247-6933 kolberding@rsarts.org
Mrs. Potts Primary 530-255-8614 mpotts@rsarts.org
Mrs. Rogerson Drama hrogerson@rsarts.org
Mr. RSA Facilities Management Support Staff 530-255-8613 pkarch@rsarts.org
Mrs. Russo Elective Teacher trusso@rsarts.org
Mrs. Sawyer Support Staff tsawyer@rsarts.org
Mrs. Schack Primary 243-7145 mschack@rsarts.org
Ms. Shana Simpson Primary 415-680-4233 ssimpson@rsarts.org
Mr. Sheridan Middle School dsheridan@rsarts.org
Mrs. Song Mandarin csong@rsarts.org
Mrs. Steffensen Elective Teacher asteffensen@rsarts.org
Mrs. Susan Lofthouse-Meade (530) 255-8614 Fax (530) 247-3741 smeade@rsarts.org
Mrs. Wahl Support Staff 247-6933 cwahl@rsarts.org
Mr. Walker Music ewalker@rsarts.org
Ms. Wendy Sanders Support Staff 530-255-8614 wsanders@rsarts.org
Mr. Wylie Middle School 530-241-4072 bwylie@rsarts.org
Mrs. Zaniroli Intermediate 530-247-6933 SZaniroli@rsarts.org
Ms. Zhang Primary kzhang@rsarts.org

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