After School Lessons & Clubs at RSA
Please email these teacher's directly for schedules, times of classes and more information!! You can also go to their teacher websites for additional information and updates!!

As per the Parent/Student Agreement and in keeping with the vision of this school, students must pursue their particular interest in visual or performing arts outside of their academic school day. The National Endowment for the Arts defines arts to encompass music, opera, dance, drums, folk art, creative writing, architecture, design and graphic arts, painting, sculpture, photography, and the arts.

Creator's Club (Art & stem for K-2) with Mrs. Lahey

Cooking with Mrs. Kennedy 

Weekly Art Experience with Ms. Brown

After school Art for 3rd-5th grade with Mrs. Lindberg 

Orchestra/Strings with Ms. Eby

Band with Ms. Eby

Festival Choir with Mrs. Hess

Music Makers/Singing with Ms. Hess

Song Birds  - Kinder Choir with Mrs. Hess 

Beginner Ballet with Mrs. Steffensen

Tap Class different times and levels email Mrs. Russo  

Boys Hip Hop with Mrs. Russo 

Guitar - different times & levels email Mr. Wylie

Ukulele – different times & levels email Mr. Wylie

Drums – different times & levels email Mr. Wylie

Mandarin Moppets with Mrs. Chen 

Mandarin Tutoring with Mrs. Kang 

Drama with Mrs. Rogerson 

Piano with Mr. Ed